New Year 2013

Fireworks at the New Year countdown in London.
Fireworks at the New Year countdown in London.

First of all, a caveat: this is a post filled with lots of clichés. Secondly, I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and I hope that 2013 turns out to be way better than 2012. Of course 2013 will go by as fast as, or even faster than 2012, so make the most of it.

Thirdly, unlike last year when I had a long list, this year, I have only three New Year Resolutions. Well, they are not technically Resolutions since I came up with them after midnight yesterday, just to, you know, “go with the crowd”. These are things I have had at the back of my mind for a while now, so I am using the commencement of the New Year as an opportunity.

Resolution 1 is spiritual. My definition of “spiritual” has nothing to do with meditation, astral travel, astrology, tarot or any such thing by the way.

Resolution 2 is greater consistency on this blog, meaning more regular and much shorter posts — the regular articles plus the Scholarship and Development Opportunities. Zainab’s Musings will also be wearing a whole new look soon. I won’t reveal much for now.

Resolution 3 is the one I came up with a few minutes after midnight — NO MORE NEW YEAR COUNTDOWNS! SERIOUSLY! I think I’ve just about had it with fireworks and other such pyrotechnics’ display after last night. New Year 2014, I shall be in the comfort, confines and warmth of my living room. Too many fireworks this year. By the way, did anyone notice the fireworks display in London lasted ONLY 10 minutes!? Boris Johnson, what happened?

Lastly and most importantly, I would like to say a very special thanks to my dear audience. To all those who read and follow this blog, those who post comments — the supportive, (constructively) critical, condescending, insulting and all other shades and hues of comments — those who send emails with words of advice, encouragement, support and proposals (yes proposals…of all sorts, I’m not divulging the details :-D); those who share my articles with individuals, groups and media organisations, ensuring they reach “relevant” places, I thank you all

I wish you all a blessed, fruitful and wonderful 2013.

9 thoughts on “New Year 2013

  1. You are a true inspiration to the youth and womenfolk in particular. You really make us proud with your intellect and moderate views on diverse topics and events. More marrow(lol) to your elbows. Waiting to see the new improved blog. Proposals…Mhmmmmmn . Wink


  2. May Allah give you long life & good health to witness more new years. this prayer i think should come first before you talk of 2014 celebration. Overall i think your articles where enlightening, thought provoking, educating & interesting & you deserve commendation. Even though some were controversial & at times annoying, you have earned my commendation, kudos to you & more greaze to your elbow, more ink to your pen.

  3. May Allah continue to make you a pride to our nation, Nigeria and the ummah community. Waiting eagerly to see as events unfold!

  4. Thank you for the short not-so cliche in my opinion piece! I happened to have the resolution this year to spend New Years confined to my bedroom and not buy into the display of forced happiness and excitement of a crowd of millions. Yet, I am very happy in the end that I let myself lured outwards in the end. I was standing probably very close to your viewpoint at Embankment and saw Boris’ fireworks. And instead of making me sad they filled me with happiness that all those people came together peacefully to celebrate this great city and all of our past moments and future moments to come in 2013. So basically what I am saying is: Don’t give up on the fireworks they might surprise you occasionally!

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