A Tribute to Nigeria’s Victory at AFCON 2013

While the euphoria of Nigeria’s Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) 2013 victory has subsided, this victory for Nigerians, no doubt, came just at the right time, when it was badly needed. Some pundits have even read deeper meanings into this victory as: a symbolic “turning point” for Nigeria’s fortunes in other spheres, as a rallying point for many polarised Nigerians, as a symbol of national unity, as both a dividend and manifestation of President Goodluck Jonathan’s “Transformation Agenda” and so on.

The varying interpretations of Nigeria’s AFCON win notwithstanding, I thought it’d be appropriate for this blog to celebrate this victory, by posting some of the pictures which captured some highlights of that victory.


Super Eagles 1
Even the First Lady is looking quite dainty.

Super Eagles 2

Super Eagles 4
Beauty and the Beast? Nigeria’s John Mikel Obi vs. Burkina Faso’s Bance. I didn’t coin this, it was all over the internet even before the match ended. The fact that Bance was spitting all over the pitch didn’t help matters either 😉

Super Eagles 5

Super Eagles 7
Of course, Ghana won’t hear the end of this! We’ll continue rubbing it in: Naija won!

Super Eagles 8

Super Eagles 9

President Celebrates Victory

2 thoughts on “A Tribute to Nigeria’s Victory at AFCON 2013

  1. Zainab great shots indeed.The team and handlers have gotten the job done and have exceeded our expectations!!!.What lesson to our leaders who are joyously celebrating-no results no leadership-its just that simple.

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