“My Oga at the Top” ~ a Comic Relief

It all started with this video below, and the rest as they say, is now history.

Within a few days, the video had gone completely viral in Nigeria and had become a meme of sorts — the butt of jokes. The hashtag #MyOgaAtTheTop is still trending in the Nigerian Twitter-sphere, over 48 hours after the video went viral. Being our normal selves, we chose to play safe by seeing the humour in this personification of our national dysfunction, anything else would have been too depressing. That Obafaiye Shem, a Commandant of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) does not know the URL of his organisation’s website is very worrying. Is he so IT illiterate that he doesn’t know what comes in the last bit of a URL? Couldn’t he make something up e.g. “.com”, “.org”, “.gov.ng”, “.net”, even “.fr” or “.de”… Just any-frigging-thing!? He doesn’t know because only the supreme “Oga at the Top” is privy to such classified information, and he could not risk incurring the wrath of the Oga (the boss) by communicating something different to the public.

I have heard people say “poor man, he has a family… stop making fun of him” and so on. He could be the father of a whole village for all I care, such thick-headedness deserves no sympathy! It is bad enough that he does not know his own organisation’s URL, its a million times worse that he could not attempt to make up something to complete the URL.The question of course is what does he use the office computer (he surely has one on his wide desk) for? Watching Nollywood movies or playing solitaire? Or is his office computer just a prop to “beautify” his office?

With people like this NSCDC commandant heading important public sector (and in this case, quasi-security) agencies, it is no wonder public service delivery in Nigeria remains pathetically deplorable. We have brilliant Nigerians excelling in every Ivy League institution as students and academics, in most global corporations and in basically every sphere of life. Why we are stuck with this man’s ilk in important positions in government beats me. It is about time we start rejecting crass mediocrity in the public sector in its entirety! Until then, enjoy this welcome comic relief while it lasts, with the following photo-shopped pictures and videos caricaturing the whole incident. You have to admire Nigerians’ creativity (even if it is a bit misapplied in this context), we have really gone to town with this incident.

My Oga at the Top1

My Oga at the Top 2

My personal favourite
My personal favourite.
My Oga at the Top 6
Only Oga knows the name of the Pope.

My Oga at the Top 4

My Oga at the Top 5

My Oga at the top 7

My Oga at the top 8
Finally, The Oga
Yes, people went as far as making T-shirts.
Yes, people went as far as making T-shirts!
...and the T-shirts are on sale!!!
…and the T-shirts are on sale!!!
...rockin' the T-shirts
…rockin’ the T-shirts
More T-shirts. Word has it that this brand sells for N3000 ($19) a piece.
More T-shirts. Word has it that this brand sells for N3000 ($19) a piece.

…and finally!

13 thoughts on ““My Oga at the Top” ~ a Comic Relief

  1. My Oga at the top may not be happy with me today because I don’t want to say something here and he will say another thing later.

  2. My dear Zainab. Did you miss the man’s body language or are you just playing safe by saying the man was dumb?
    To me he was just lying and I absolutely agree with you; the man is a personification of our problems in the country.
    When I first watched the video clip, I was enraged and was sleepless. My wife came to console me by saying I maybe pained by the video but the interview would be normal in the eyes of many Nigerians. This actually depressed me further.
    I feel cheated as a Nigerian that a man liike that come on TV to make mockery of an issue that’s troubling our psyche as a nation and nothing will happen? When and how did we degenrate to this level? Where do we think we are collectively going as a people?
    To say I am irked is an understatement.

  3. As a nigerian i was ashamed too to dis national embrasment,yes the media people have tried by cornering this officer to the level that he was forced to reveal himself,how i wish they will do same to their selves by finding and letting the whole country know about the true situation in nigerian government,not that they dont know or have proof but let me use a hausa proverb by saying”LAIFI TUDU KA TAKA NAKA KA HANGO NA WANI” may Alllah almighty see us through amin.

  4. My fellow countrymen what happen to NSCDC Commandant its very unfortunate before he go to channel tv he must hve equipt him self but we should keep on praying for our country may God may safe this country

  5. Oga will say this. Oga will that present the NSCD commandant a complete inefficient. indecisive of his capability at work.he needs leadership orientation

  6. “Comic relief”! Hmmmn I called it “National Tragedy” How do U expect our systems to work well when thay being manned by some mediocres? ‘The ogas at the top’ were given appointments based on sentiments rather than compentence and merit. If only Nigerians, (youths especially) can come together and put equal effort and enthusiasm like they showed towards the ‘oga at the top’ situation and vote right in 2015. We have to read wide, pay attention to some little details and seek to know the things we ought to know.. That’s the only way we can escape from the ‘the ogo at the top’s kind of situation. An empty headed subordinate, makes an empty headed ‘oga at the top’

  7. Zainab, i think “yabbing” the man like you just did is highly unprofessional. I am not trying to excuse or defend his show of shame, but i don’t think being computer literate was one of the requirements for employment when he was recruited into the NSCDC. In this case, the blame lies with his employers or as he will say it. oga at the top. Perhaps he has a secretary that does all the computer work for him like every “oga” in nigeria.
    Besides, computers are still a luxury in nigeria. Computer education is still not incorporated into primary or secondary school syllabi as we talk, talk less of during his time. For me, as long as he does what he was hired to do, i have no problem with is computer illiteracy.
    An article about the system rather than the individual would have been more correct IMO…don’t hate the player, hate the game.

  8. Did you check out the wrongly designed database called IPPIS which the whole federal civil service is using. Please who approves such things?

  9. You said ‘…Why we are stuck with this man’s ilk in important positions in government beats me. It is about time we start rejecting crass mediocrity in the public sector in its entirety!…’

    It is possible the man rose through the ranks. Unfortunately, the average person among us does not think of joining public service upon graduation. We usually think of a public service job when all other job options have failed us. The government too does not make the effort to try to recruit at least, a few of the top students from our universities. Either way, this means the public service is not filled with ‘our best eleven’. We typically are only willing (voluntarily) to join public service as an Oga/Madam, but that is not enough to make a change in public service delivery.

    In addition, when a Nigerian excelling outside the public sector decides to join the public service, it is not uncommon for people to say he has ‘come to chop his own share’, and for him/her to get vilified. That sometimes gives people cold feet. You tell a friend you want to get into politics (or government) so you can make a difference. It is not uncommon to get answers such as – ‘No, don’t go and spoil your name. Politics is a dirty game. Leave it for those people to kill themselves there.’

  10. Allah saukaka! what honestly baffles me is the absence synergy between the headquarters and state commands. moreover a security institution for that matter.

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