Quote of the Week: General Theophilus Danjuma

“The masses of our people are chained down in dehumanizing and grinding poverty while we continue to maintain few islands of false prosperity in a turbulent ocean of penury and squalor… There cannot be peace and harmony where there is wide disparity between the few rich and a multitude of the poor”

This is an excerpt from a former Nigerian Chief of Defense Staff, General Theophilus Danjuma’s (rtd) speech, at a traditional turbaning ceremony. His statement, which was in reference to Nigeria in general and northern Nigeria in particular, could easily apply to a number of African countries.

5 thoughts on “Quote of the Week: General Theophilus Danjuma

  1. He is spot on! The level of inequality in Nigeria is so high. A large population with very few active. The majority find it difficult to make ends meet. That Gen. Theo accepts this is indication that things may just begin to change for the better. I very much hope so.

  2. It is shameless for him to make such a statement, what is the source of his wealth? They are the very few people that make our country to be in this predicament. Milking the meagre resources just to enrich themselves and their families.

    1. On point, all of these political thieves whom stole our countries money want to pretend as if they really care about the well being of this nation.

  3. Yes they stole our money and continue to steal. The bigger problem is that the source of supply is showing bad signs in the face of corruption with a growing and expectant population. What is your take?

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