Participation in BBC’s Focus on Africa TV Programme

On 24 September 2014, I spoke to the BBC World Service’s Focus on Africa TV Programme on gender equality and women empowerment in Africa. Here is a short video of the segment. A little point of correction – I am a ‘Women’s Rights Advocate‘ rather than a ‘Women’s Rights Activist‘.


6 thoughts on “Participation in BBC’s Focus on Africa TV Programme

  1. Zainab Usman in case you don’t know your academic prowess has inspired many youths in Northern Nigeria. As an ABUSITES, I always feel proud of you each time I watch you speak on the media or read your article. Sometimes I ask myself is this the Zainab Usman that graduated with Malama Khadijah Gumbi? Is she the student that was supervised by Malama Rahanatu? Even though I have never met you in person although I tried to establish contact with you while I was studying for my Masters program in the UK nonetheless you are a mentor to me and I am always very proud of you. In fact, I always share your successful story to inspire other youths at ABU Zaria that Zainab Usman has proven to us that if you can dream it you can definitely achieve it. Kudos Zainab from Abdulbasit Kassim (Commonwealth Scholar 2012/2013)

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