‘What Does Boko Haram Want?’ ~ Insights from Ahmad Salkida

Ahmad Salkida, Nigerian journalist with access to the leadership of Jama’atul Ahlus Sunna Liddawati Wal Jihad or Boko Haram, gives rare insights into the group’s ideology, modus operandi and gives his recommendations on how this intractable insurgency can be contained, in a Twitter chat. The session was moderated by Akin Akintayo and Dr. Jibrin Ibrahim. I have embedded some of Salkida’s tweets here with their permission.

The session was conducted using the #WhatDoesBHWant hashtag. Follow it, and you’ll find other tweets especially questions and responses not included below.

Salkida’s tweets are very revealing and very frightening, particularly the ones about the link with the Islamic State (ISIS), and how difficult it would be for the Nigerian Federal Government to reclaim territory captured by the group.

Nigeria is in for the long haul.



16 thoughts on “‘What Does Boko Haram Want?’ ~ Insights from Ahmad Salkida

  1. The truth is that Salkida himself is part and parcel of the controversies surrounding the issue of Boko Haram. Recall that he once told us he had no knowledge about the Dr. Datti’s led botched presidential committee. But later, it came to the fore that Salkida actually brokered the deal. He too, was part of the collapse of the deal, for whatever reason. Two, when the army claimed it killed one Shekau in Kondunga recently, Salkida twitted that Shekau was “well and healthy.” But few weeks after that tweet, he granted an interview to a foreign medium, which was published in the Blueprint Newspaper. And when he was asked about whether or not Shekau was dead, his response was that whether Shekau was dead or alive was immaterial, that, what was paramount was the release of the Chibok girls. As a curious mind, I find this inconsistent. Terrorism strives on propaganda. I believe some persons are just exploiting the gullible nature of Nigerians on this terror issue. I rest my case for now.

  2. So in essence, Salkida is saying “We cannot win this war against Boko Haram and that even if we release their soldiers back to them, the war would still continue”,,,that is just brilliant!

    1. Whether or not he is, is immaterial now. Is the information he provided useful? That should be our concern now and nothing else.

  3. Unbelievable! BH attacked most of the APC states and you are saying is not political? REAL BH EXIST NO MORE.THE GOVERNMENT IS THE BH NOW.

  4. As usual,inpatient.Let’s listen to Salkida and find a way out of this wahala.
    We all knew that the indoctrinated conscripts are willing to die at battle fields.Otherwise what could make somebody commit suicide?
    Important statements he made is for the FG to fight to win or allow them take more territories.Over to FG.
    Let’s remove the corruption tendencies and fight for the territorial sanctity of Nigeria.

  5. Dear Zainab,

    I felt highly elated for meeting you through your post and I see it as a great service to humanity.It would be my pleasure to contribute toward the course of humanity too,I am a peace activist born and raised in the heart of Maiduguri I have been in the peace building project and activism for over two decades ,also worked for the British council in the peace building project known as Nigeria stability and Reconciliation program in BORNO state.But very recently shifted to the U.K. I would really appreciate to established a working relationship so that we would work for common course and share opinion on important matters. Thank you Amb.Ahmed Shehu.

  6. I still find it hard to believe FG is still not understand BH ideology and their doing…Ahmed Salkida understand exactly what is going on, and when u start telling them their taging him as BH.

  7. “Govt must ensure that NO more territory is lost, they must bring in new thinking that is devoid of corruption”. A.S. said. Is the issue not also what is Nigeria’s Strategic depth? once you’ve determined that – fight your war there.

  8. I really don’t care about the players. All I care about is the date of the people, the pawns in this senseless game.

  9. – Fight if you can, or give in to BH demands;
    – don’t lose a fight again – think to win;
    – fight only to win;
    -the side with the territory determines outcome of negotiations – if any;
    – fight with respect for those you’re defending;
    – bh propaganda appears more powerful against our fighters than insurgents’ size in the battlefield;
    – they will only give up the seized territory if the last man is no more standing;
    – we may negotiate for a swap of captives, but to expect to be handed over territory is akin to them giving up on Sharia;
    – non combatants contribute to funding;
    – they have enough loot from Mubi alone to fight for a whole year!

    See, AS has given us more than enough hint to chew and decide if we want our girls and LGAs back or not. Now, do we need a Constitutional amendment to achieve this? Do we wait to conclude the party primaries or be done with the elections before we decide?

    Nigerians, have your say – and pick your day! I am convinced we must be into this TOGETHER – the whole nation!

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