Apply: The World Bank Group Analyst Program

From the website:

The World Bank Analyst Program is a new and unique opportunity for exceptionally talented young people with a passion for international development to contribute to solving some of the world’s most pressing problems.

Through this structured three-year program, you will work in an intellectually challenging and culturally diverse environment within a specific practice, region, or corporate unit in the World Bank Group, which includes the World Bank, the International Finance Corporation (IFC), and the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA). You will have the opportunity to contribute and grow your skills in areas ranging from analytics, research, data management, project management, communications, finance, management accounting, and information technology. In addition, the program offers various cohort activities aimed to broaden your exposure to the work of the World Bank Group and develop leadership skills.

Upon completion of the program, there may be opportunities for you to continue your career in the World Bank Group. Participants holding a Master’s degree who find the opportunity to continue their career at the WBG may also be eligible for advancement opportunities. Alternatively, you may leverage the experience you have gained to pursue further studies or other opportunities in international development.

In order to be competitive for this highly selective program, you need to demonstrate a commitment to development, analytical thinking, proven academic success, and leadership potential. We value diversity in our workplace, and encourage all qualified individuals, with diverse professional, academic, and cultural backgrounds to apply. Positions may be based in Washington, DC or in a regional office.

Selection Criteria

  • Passion to contribute to the World Bank Group mission to end extreme poverty and boost shared prosperity
  • 28 years of age and under as of September 14, 2015
  • Master’s or Bachelor’s degree in relevant field. Candidates who are currently pursuing a degree are eligible if the degree will be awarded by September 2015
  • Up to three years of work experience in one or more specialty areas (see Application and Selection Process )
  • Analytical thinking, proven academic success, strong written and oral communication skills, and leadership potential
  • Experience working or studying in developing countries is preferred
  • Fluency in English is required, and fluency or proficiency in other languages, in particular Arabic, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Spanish or Russian, is preferred

More details on the Application Process available on the World Bank Group website.

The deadline for submission of applications for the 2015 World Bank Group Analyst Program is March 5, 2015 (11:59pm ET – Washington DC time).

76 thoughts on “Apply: The World Bank Group Analyst Program

  1. Thanks alot Zainab, I receive an email from WBG that i am selected for further consideration. Next stage is online assessment. Please do you have any idea how the online personality questionnaire is?. Thank you very much for sharing this info.

      1. Hi Zainab, Hope you are doing well. Thanks once again for the info, is really helpful. @KURIA.. Yes they sent me the link for the questionnaire yesterday, and they said it should be completed before Friday 15th. Good luck to us.

  2. i was long listed by world bank for the analyst programme, am asking whether they have sent the online questionnaires.thanyou

    1. Yes they sent me the link for the questionnaire yesterday, and they said it should be completed before Friday 15th. Good luck!

  3. i was long listed for operation category and i haven’t received any link that’s why am asking

  4. Hi Guys…I applied for Finance category and got the link yesterday. Do you guys know if someone is guaranteed an interview if shortlisted? Or you may still not be selected for interview based on the response on Questionnaire?

      1. You will get one for sure. Just make sure to check your spam as well.

      2. Have your guys heard back anything? I still have not heard anything.

  5. Completed mine Just now. Took me almost 1 and half hour to finish. May God see us through.

      1. I have a concern… last month I received a mail from WBG that I have been long listed in the communication and international affairs category. am wondering if anyone else has received two job categories…

    1. I have been considered for further consideration in both operations and CIA…..thanks zainab and God bless u

      1. hallo zainab…hop u r doing fine……requesting for assistance…..for the a waiting interview so that we start preparing well in advance. thanks

      2. Hi Kuria..I hope you’re well. I will be applying to the WBG Analyst Program 2016. How did your application go? Did you have a positive experience in the assessments/interviews taken?

  6. Hello, Zainab and KURIA.. just to update you that I didn’t make it, I just receive a non selection email from WBG. @Kuria..Congratulations and wish you all the best through the remaining stages.

    1. Hi Muhammad, I’m so sorry to hear this. These things can be tough and sometimes you have to try several times before you eventually succeed. Don’t give up, and keep trying, okay? Wish you all the best.

      1. Hello, Zainab Thanks for the encouragement, I re applied for the 2016 and got selected for the online assessment again. The recruitment is highly competitive; i learn that they select only 17 people out of the 10k that applied for 2015. Though will not give up as you said, will keep trying, hopefully will make it. Thanks a lot Zainab.

  7. Hi all. I am looking to apply to the WBG Analyst Program 2016 and it would be quite helpful to get your advise on the selection process, online assessments, interview process you’ve gone through.

    1. Hello muna….. I lost The WBG chance after being short listed since the vacancies were on regional demand level. There were no vacancies at our Nairobi region hence I was not interviewed. I will apply again, please do remind me when that process commences. Thanks

      1. Hi Kuria..I am sorry to hear that! I thought all positions for the WBG Analyst Program will have the Washington DC office as the home-base office and that candidates will be assigned to projects/functions depending on business needs. I will definitely keep you informed about the start of the application process. How was the online assessments? What type of assessment was it?

      2. Hello muna…. Zaina gave me some useful sites that were of great assistance during my preparation. Once you are long listed, I will discuss much. Thanks

  8. Hello muna…. Zaina gave me some useful sites that were of great assistance during my preparation. Once you are long listed, I will discuss much. Thanks

  9. Hi all, does anyone know the whether the WorldBank Analyst Program 2016 open? I did not see any posts on their website now.

  10. Hi all,
    I got selected for the WBG Analyst Program 2016 Online Assessment. Do I really need to prepare for it. Should I expect any Technical questions, given I applied for the IT role.
    Help is much appreciated.
    Thank You,

  11. Hello there, I got the inivtation for the online assessment as well. Any advice on how/where to prepare. I am not really sure what to expect. Thank you for any ideas!

    1. Hi Lisa, I do have the same question. If you got any help keep posted. Thanks in advance and Best of LUCK .

      1. Hello guys…. You have to prepare….. Thoroughly. Am busy but I will send some links that I used to prepare with though I was under operations category. In the mean time look for a calculator.

  12. Hi Kuria, I got longlisted too for the Operations track. And a friend also got longlisted for the Finance track. We received notification yesterday. I’m a little nervous about the test to be honest. For the Operations track, what kinds of questions do they ask? I would be forever grateful if you send us those links you used Kuria. Our deadline to do the test is next Tuesday. Thanks for this blog, it’s very helpful

    1. Hello guys, there are 3 links that zainab shared with me around April last year. I tried to trace them in my email account but I did not find them. Kindly ask zainab to retrieve that email In her account. There after I will guide you on how to practice and prepare. Thanks I will be in touch.

  13. Hi all,
    I am selected for the online assessment. I need to finish it until 04/20/2016. My question is whether I need to schedule the online assessment, i.e. to choose the concrete date for doing or just register and do it until deadline?

  14. Hello guys, I have the online assessment links that will be so useful to you. If interested in box me on my email
    It’s not safe to share them on blogs. Last year there were a number of guys who were disqualified because of sharing Information. Therefore, in box my email account.

  15. Hi Kuria,

    Could you please write about your overall experience about the test, how does it look like? More precisely, what kind of tests the online assessment has?

  16. Can anyone share their interview experience? I’m done with my online assessment. Not sure whether I’ll make it to the interview stage but the preparation will help me in a lot of ways.

    P.S. Sent my request into the above mentioned FB group. Still pending.

      1. Can’t say for sure… Seemed easy but you never know…. Lets hope there is some good news waiting for us on April 30th.

  17. Hi everyone,
    I just got a email that I passed the online assignment for the IT position, and can get a interview anywhere between now and December 2016. Now how long should I wait and what is the interview like.
    Any information, much appreciated.

    1. Congratulations RogerNadal ! Best of luck for the Interview.

      I have also cleared the online assessment for the IT position. Lets hope for the best. If you get any help regarding interview preparation Please share. If I got I would love to share with you. again BEST OF LUCK! 🙂

  18. Hello Zaina et al. I was longlisted last month for the WB recruitment drive for Sub-saharan Africans. Did anyone on this forum apply and has anyone heard anything back? They said they would contact all shortlisted candidates in September. My status still says ‘ longlisted’ and we’re already in October. Would that mean I didn’t make it or ? Thanks, I’d appreciate any insights. N

  19. Hi there!
    I was wondering if you have to take the online assessment test all at once seat or you can complete it through the 4 days they give you?

  20. Hey guys!
    Could you please tell me if you have to take the online assessment all in one seat? or you can complete it through the 4 days they give you ?
    Thank you

  21. Hey everyone! For those who’ve been selected for the assessment today, what do you expect from it? I see that people have previously been talking about behavioral tests, but it seems like this year it’s also deductive reasoning. I was long-listed for operations and finance. Also, anyone who’s been through these, any tips on how to prepare? I saw the personality tests links, but maybe anything else?

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