Commentary on BBC News on Nigeria’s Elections

I spoke to the BBC on Tuesday 31 March 2015 on Nigeria’s Presidential Elections. This was just before the counting of votes was concluded, although it was fairly evident by then that the opposition candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari had won.

4 thoughts on “Commentary on BBC News on Nigeria’s Elections

  1. Great Zainab, I really admire you…… Gideon Obasogie Maiduguri

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  2. Your comment is of optimism, I’ve always found your views interesting.. keep it up Dr.msszeeusman

  3. Yes – now in the world such things happen, what I don’t understand where truth and lies… What is the situation in Ukraine and Syria… It’s awful!! But who wants to be in the center of events and to clear my head of garbage from TV and the media have a great website is where you can ask questions to journalists from Nigeria news and get real answers, without censorship and political lies. So join the smart people and read the right news!

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