Buhari’s First 100 Days: Does Nigerian President Mean Business?

In this piece for CNN, I assess the performance of Nigeria’s president in his first 100 days in office. Here’s an excerpt:

At Muhammadu Buhari’s official inauguration, Eagle Square Abuja, 29 May 2015. Photo credit: personal collection

As I stood on a queue at the immigration desk at the arrivals section of the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in Nigeria’s capital city Abuja in May 2015, a well-dressed couple who had just arrived skipped the queue and headed straight to the desk. People murmured in exasperation and a woman right in front of me said with indignation: “It’s OK, now that Buhari is president, all these things will stop.”

Her statement reflected the general mood of optimism I witnessed around the country — on the streets and days later, at the Eagle Square, where Muhammadu Buhari took the oath of office — that Nigeria’s new president would solve the country’s numerous problems.

High expectations on Buhari’s leadership credentials swept him to victory with almost 54% of the vote in ahistoric defeat of an incumbent president in Nigerian elections. Buhari’s ascetic demeanour, quite atypical of the venality often associated with Nigeria’s political elite…

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18 thoughts on “Buhari’s First 100 Days: Does Nigerian President Mean Business?

  1. No single person has been tried under buhari…court injunction was issued to EFCC/ICPC not to investigate Amaechi…Is that even possible in UK?

  2. Im waiting for the day “Zainab Usman” will say buhari you are wrong here and Ifechukwu will say “Jonathan you are the worst president ever” very divided country

  3. The change Nigeria needs can only start from intellects like you if you only say the TRUTH and stop being biased follow Ayedee to understand what I’m talking about..he says the good/bad about GEj and Buhari so people can know the truth and question their leaders when they are wrong. Imagine a United Nigeria questioning their leaders when they go wrong or make mistakes….not Northerners giving 100% support because the president is a northerner even if he does wrong or the south doing the same…

    1. Dayo, this is not an article about Goodluck Jonathan, it is an assessment of Buhari’s first 100 days in power. You are very welcome to write your own article or rebuttal praising Jonathan, Femi Fani-Kayode and all the ‘good work’ you mentioned they have done.

      1. I never said Fani-Kayode did anything good anyways. I only said If kayode should be arrested for incitement, then El-rufai and Buhari should equally be arrested for incitement

  4. GEJ’s freedom of speech made omojuwa who he is today? 60,000 construction jobs lost, JPmorgan has expelled Nigeria from financial index, boko haram is still bombing, corrupt thieves are still moving around freely with court injunction stopping their investigations, cost of running the govt is still the same but you are quiet…Nigerians should worry not though because buhari’s “body language” is creating 1 million jobs monthly…GEJ had the best people; minister of agric, okondo nweala-harvard economist….but very useless governors from both north and south…I’ll ask you in GMB’s 4th year what he has achieved and I will see the lies you will craft

  5. Another example is the case of Rilwan Hassan CEO of focal point group in Kaduna/Abuja who was awarded N10Million to expand his business as a young entrepreneur to create jobs through Goodluck’s Jonathan/Okonjo Nweala YouWin’s project including thousands of youth across Nigeria…this dude also the owner of sardauna magazine never for once commended Goodluck on his youwin project which has created thousands of jobs and empowered many young entrepreneurs.This dude benefitted from it, expanded his business drastically but never commended Goodluck Jonathan or the YouWin project and he owns a magazine…because Goodluck is not a northern muslim…He never commended the youWin project in all his articles ever written

  6. Don’t be blinded by prejudice. If buhari flops say it as it is, don’t twist it to satisfy elrufai….if a south-south politician flops also say it as it is…that is the only way Nigeria can move forward and that is why omojuwa and mr ayedee have little of my respect

  7. @Dayo Our expulsion from JP Morgan Index has to do with the way the current governor of the central bank is running our Monetary Policy. Last time I checked he was appointed by Jonathan. And we know why GEJ chose him – he wanted a yes man notwithstanding his competence and see where that led us. Sanusi was appointed by YarAdua and GEJ reaped the benefit of his expertise and what did he do? He sacked him. I urge you to go back and check the economic data from 2007 to May this year when GEJ handed over and if you are really objective, you will come to a different conclusion Let the data speak.

  8. @Dayo Okonjo’s second coming was an unmitigated disaster. I urge you again to look at the data. As for Buhari, after 100 days, there is no way one can make an honest data driven assessment of his economic achievement. In a year from now, one would be able to make a more data driven assessment of where we are likely to be economically speaking after 4 years of Buhari.

  9. @Dayo JP Morgan actually gave us a warning in January under GEJ’s watch as that was when the CBN began more restrictive FX measures. You usually get a warning before expulsion. Our expulsion in my book was caused by the CBN, an independent body that is not meant to be influenced by politicians.

  10. Again the name “Amina Ado” says it all and I am not surprised.
    So, now lets blame the current CBN governor right? Did you blame the IG of police, Chief of defense staff for boko haram during GEJ’s tenure? No! you clearly blamed GEJ because he was the president and that was his responsibility.

    Excerpts from bloomberg on the expulsion from JPMorgan Index

    ” President Muhammadu Buhari’s delay in appointing an economic team are adding to the slide”

    “Buhari, who took power on May 29, has further eroded confidence in Nigeria’s economic management by delaying the announcement of his new cabinet. That’s making Emefiele’s job tougher because he is forced to make monetary policy decisions in the absence of a clear fiscal policy, said Teneo’s Cheto”

    Amina lets ignore the above abeg, the bloomberg writer was appointed by Goodluck Jonathan too. Lets wait for bloomberg to recruit a more competent writer so we will see the TRUTH CLEARLY.

    All the economic success in GEJ’s tenure should be giving to Sanusi ALONE and not Okonjo (harvard/MIT trained, COORDINATING MINISTER OF THE ECONOMY and former world bank director) in fact her second coming was a disaster. Nice!

    The president of Yale University who described her as “a brilliant reformer and dedicated public servant, who has spearheaded efforts to stabilize and grow Nigeria’s economy, battling widespread government corruption and creating greater fiscal transparency and discipline”

    The president of Yale was actually appointed by Goodluck Jonathan and didn’t do his research well.

    That is why I am not surprised when northern muslims Idolizing Abacha, Atiku et al. You will see beggers in the North praising theives-also in the south

    Amina research this two phenomena because you are being affected by them:
    1. “Dunning–Kruger effect” incompetent people failing to recognize the genuine skill in others and,
    2. “Confirmation bias”

    1. Dayo,

      You claim to be ‘objective’ yet you are incapable of calmly outlining your points without being abusive and resorting to ethnic slurs. I deleted your earlier comments in which you called me a “biased bitch” because you don’t agree with the points I made. I’m sure someone like you who’s stereotyping and calling ‘northern Muslims’ names will be the first to scream to the heavens if a non-African calls you “dumb, erratic, violent, fraudster” and other names because of your skin colour or nationality. Cognitive dissonance.

      So because her name is ‘Amina Ado’ or because my name is ‘Zainab Usman’, we have no right to express our opinions?

      Please let me remind you that I was asked by CNN to write an assessment of Buhari’s first 100 days in office, NOT an assessment of Goodluck Jonathan’s government which is now effectively PAST TENSE. It is my opinion, which I am entitled to, and because media organisations value this opinion, they ask me to write for them. If you don’t like it, feel free to write your opinion, start a blog, send a rebuttal, etc, but trolling my blog and using ethnic slurs on people you disagree with doesn’t make you a better human being, it certainly does not make your arguments superior and will DEFINITELY not bring back Jonathan’s discredited administration from the past.

      I won’t bother to respond to all other points you made about Jonathan because this is NOT an assessment of his administration.

      1. My point is very clear there is absolutely no progress in tackling corruption as you have claimed in your article. Goodluck charged Bankole, Nafada, Akala, Goje, Daniels, Doma etc during his first 100 days in office, how many high profile people have been charged by EFCC under Buhari’s rule? yet you say “the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission — dormant for years under former president Goodluck Jonathan is awake from its death-sleep” in fact under Buhari, we’ve heard of court injunction barring EFCC from investigating high-profile people-Ameachi.

        My point is clear; I wanted to learn about how you came to the conclusion that the dormant EFCC has awaken but no, you chose the egotistic easy escape route by ranting “go write your own blog”, “this is about Buhari and not GEJ”, ”CNN asked me” etc.

  11. I respect and admire Sanusi alot too so, dont think I’m saying this to give praise to Okonjo and Ignore Sanusi’s effort. I’m just pointing out the fact you are biased!!!

    I will say it again, when buhari flops, SAY IT and stop twisting shit to satisfy X

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