I am a public policy professional based in Washington D.C., United States. I have a DPhil (PhD) in International Development from the University of Oxford.

My broad expertise is on the institutions and political economy of natural resources management, energy sector, the digital revolution and economic development in Africa. I also work on south-south economic relations. More information about my work is available on Google Scholar, the publications page on this website and my resume on LinkedIn.

This website aggregates my work on policy – analysis, commentary, research and collaborations. 

Email me at usmanzainab@hotmail.com

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  1. My Sister,

    Kalakuta FM is broadcasting a live debate on the general elections in Nigeria at 3pm on Sunday, 17 April 2011.

    To take part in this debate or to get a better understanding as to why these elections are inherently fraudulent (ie, a political version of the 419 advance fee scam), please go to http://www.justin.tv/kalakutafm or call us via Skype on Sunday. Our Skype address is kalakutafm.

    Alternatively, you can participate by emailing your questions and comments to kalakutafm@hotmail.co.uk.

    We would love to see you.



  2. Hi Zainab,

    Its really great hearing this from the voice of a youth. If the youths can point and analyse the mistakes from our leaders today, sure there is hope for a better tomorrow.
    Keep up with the good work. I really enjoy reading your blog..



  3. It is quite nice to have such avenues for communication both for you personally and for the public. It is a refreshing snippet of a persona that seeks change passionately in its own unique way. Wishing you all the best and I remain a fan.

    Aliyu A. Wali

  4. I commend you on this giant stride; to create and run a blog is an interesting but tasking job. Your blog on current affairs with special emphasis on Nigeria is worthy and very timely. It is my strong believe that with bloggers of your type, Nigeria would be a different place to live. Please note that you have already made a difference…..keep the good work for the good of Nigeria and the continent as a whole. Cheers!

  5. Dear sister, may Allah reward you abundantly. I’m happy to hear that you studied political science. I’ve always wished that one of my daughters be raised as a true muslimah and study political science too. Insha Allah, I’ll work towards that. Keep up the good work.

  6. Dear sister, may Allah reward you abundantly. I’m happy to hear that you studied political science. I’ve always wished that one of my daughters be raised as a true muslimah and study political science too. Insha Allah, I’ll work towards that. Keep up the good work…

  7. Fantastic! I am a budding Political Scientist, if i may use your word, and also a blogger and I like reading people like you that always renewed my commitment to the struggle for a better Nigeria. More power to our elbows.

  8. Dear sir/ma, 26/4/2012 I am pleased to reseach on such facinating issue concercing Nigerians. Nigeria is a very large and a bless Nation with so many natural resources.the issue to embark on fuel subsidy should still maintain its no stand, the average Nigeria suffers most because of high rate of everything in the Nation’s economy. with due respect Nigerian government can not convince us that the deragution is the only option to solve our demand, there should be transparacy,also know that the average Nigeria hardly feed. at list over 6month of acting,and almost one of administration what do we get nothing rather conparing Nigeria to Niger what is the population of Niger ?while we have so many graduate without job after spending all one has whereas is the same government that enpose the compulsory policy of education which is very expensive today.with this we want government to tell what to do or where to go?over10 years of democracy for nothing.

  9. Zainab, keep the ballpoint rolling and be rest assured that Nigerian youths see you as one of those contemporary Nigerians whose positive and objective patriotism is worth of commendation. Your passion for a better Nigeria, I can “almost” assure, is a such that should not only be encouraged, but be wished to contaminate every right thinking Nigerian youth. I admire your talent and wish that it incarnate in as many Nigerian youths as possible.
    You are rare a gem and should never let your objectivity be blurred by whatever ideology. Keep the flag flying, my dearest sister.

  10. Zainab….

    This is fantastic!!!

    Nicely articulated and yet seemingly full of raw passion.

    I accidentally stumbled onto your article while looking for something.

    It is so refreshing to know that there are people that still think like this.
    The fact that you do not just think it, but you write it clearly shows sincerity.

    So, what are you going to do about it.
    Is there more that you do apart from this?

    1. Thanks Ibrahim. Yes, by God’s grace, there’s more to come and a lot to be done, apart from blogging and writing…. Watch this space.

      1. all your movement remember god and his massenger fear god wherever you are

  11. AssalmuAlaikum. I was just wondering if you happened to live in Dahran, Saudi Arabia during your childhood. I am looking for an old childhood friend from Dahran. -Nusaibah Musharraf Husain

  12. Nice one Zainab ur level of understanding the african politics and its origin has clear my mind of saying that we’ve forget or ignore how to express the real face of political africanism. Good job keep it up, someone like has found a resting home for my thoughts thanks.

  13. Dear Zainab,

    Keep up the good work! Our country needs people of your type. I hope one day the new Nigerians will take up the challenges left by the second generation.


  14. Hi Zainab,

    Kudos to you on your interesting blog. How on earth do you find the time especially with being a Phd student? I blog as well – http://www.sotonye.com – so I know your time commitment is huge!

    Strange how I stumbled across your blog; was looking for my previous employers address in Edinburgh (TalkTalk) door-to-door canvassing and found your Scam Alert article 🙂

    You make me proud to be Nigerian. Keep on keeping on Zainab..Bookmarked!

    Kind regards
    Sotonye Afiesimama

  15. this is quite great my sister in islam,really, what we need now is prayer and hopefully believed some of our prayers were answered ,if not, the situation would have been worst than this, not to contest over it ,Nigeri is blessed with both natural and human resources, even the potentiality is verily known by most of these so call super power , but leadership is our problem and likewise that of the selfish interest of so call super power who have realised that weare getting to wake up, having understand the the international politicswhich our devilish politician are using our livelihhod to play.i really appreciate ur corcern,taking ur time to contribute greatly to the problem of ur dearest nation ,my believe is that insha Allah we survived and come out successful and be greater than what they thought we shall be.

  16. I haven’t read your articles yet but from your bio I have seen where your focus is. I’m doing my Masters in Industrial economics in china, my areas of interest are youth economic development and how to make the china-Nigeria relationship much more impactful. Let’s see how we can put heads together.

  17. I thought if someone love ur doing
    he loves you too..keep calm I’m with you because ur mind reflect on ur face.!!

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